Happy New Year! Does your status, visa or passport expire in 2024?

The start of a new year is a great time to check your documents to make sure you get ahead of any expiration dates before they become a serious problem!  Do one of these situations apply to you? 

Status in Canada:
– Study permits expire 90 days after you finish studying or receive your final grades, regardless of the date on the permit. If you’re taking an additional semester you may need to apply for an extension of your study permit.  Don’t wait too long to apply for your Post-Graduation Work Permit or other work/study permit after you graduate!
– Closed work permits can’t be extended: you must get a new work permit, even if you do not change employers. Your employer must apply for another LMIA (and CAQ in Québec), the same as for your initial work permit.
– Open work permits: you will need to apply for a new open or closed work permit.
– Visitor status expires after 6 months in Canada. You will need a Visitor Record (or a study or work permit) to remain in Canada, or else you will have to leave and re-enter Canada.
– You may be able to apply for Permanent Residence before your temporary status expires.

Leaving and re-entering Canada:
– Check your passport(s) and your Canadian entry visa in your passport
– Check if your eTA (electronic Travel Authorization) has expired. 

You can trust us to help you evaluate all your options and determine when to apply. Contact us for a consultation today!

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