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Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA)

The LMIA is the cornerstone of hiring a foreign national, either for a temporary or a permanent position. Few jobs are LMIA exempt, so it’s necessary to ensure the process goes smoothly and that your business complies with all the requirements.  We are experienced in crafting winning LMIAs and ensuring that all the details are complete (and there are a lot of details – don’t leave it to chance!).

Work Permits

We’ll handle the LMIA application for your business as well as all the permit applications for the temporary foreign worker and their accompanying family members.  In Québec, we’ll also handle the Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) applications for the employee and their family prior to applying for the federal permits.

Global Talent Stream

Certain in-demand professions qualify for the Global Talent Stream and benefit from a streamlined LMIA application process and accelerated processing times of just 10 business days. 

Intra-Company Transfers

If your business has offices abroad, we can handle the immigration process for employees that will come to work in Canada through the International Mobility Program. In addition, Canada has several international trade agreements such as the CUSMA that facilitate short- to medium-term intra-company transfers.

Job Offer Validation

In Québec, if an employee is applying for permanent residence under the Regular Skilled Worker Program, or one of the Pilot Programs, a Validated Job Offer will greatly improve their chances of receiving an invitation to apply, especially if the job offer is outside the greater Montréal area.  We can take care of writing and submitting the job offer validation request for you, as well as the employee’s permanent residence application.

Your Business Partner

Change is constant. Promotions, layoffs, mergers, complaints, audits… there is a long list of events that can impact your employees’ work permits and your company’s ability to continue hiring temporary foreign workers. We can help you manage your risks and address any problems that may occur when dealing with government departments.

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