Special program for Moroccan visitors to Canada during the September 8th earthquake

If you are a Moroccan national in Canada as a temporary resident (tourist, worker or student) at the time of the tragic earthquake that occurred near Rabat on September 8th, you may be eligible for an Open Work Permit to stay in Canada longer, without paying the application fee of $255!

While you’re in Canada you can gain work experience that counts toward permanent residence programs, or gain more time to apply for a closed work permit, or enrol in a study program. It’s your opportunity to take advantage of!

Or alternatively you can request an extension of your visitor status for 6 months or a study permit extension without paying the associated fees.

Act now because these special measures are set to expire in March 2024, but they can be ended at  any time without notice – especially if IRCC is flooded with applications!

Contact us to determine your eligibility and to prepare your application.

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